Super Easy Orange Upside Down Cake #AnyoneCanMakeThisCake

Last updated: 11 Mar 2024
Super Easy Orange Upside Down Cake #AnyoneCanMakeThisCake

Super Easy Orange Upside Down Cake #AnyoneCanMakeThisCake
During the Chinese New Year, every household must have lots of fresh oranges at home. Let's having fun by making orange cakes from these fresh oranges. This recipe is simple and perfect and enjoying sweet after meal, served with hot tea and delightful delicious cake No need for lots of baking equipment, just a blender and a microwave oven.

Ingredients :
- 3 oranges from home (1 for topping, 2 for mixing with flour)
- Demerara sugar (raw sugar cane) 1 cup (this sugar is healthier than white sugar)
- 3 eggs (no need to separate yolks)
- 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
- Vanilla extract
- 2 cups all-purpose flour
- Almond flour (optional)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1.5 tsp salt
- Icing sugar for decorating the cake
* Honey (optional) to drizzle over the oranges before placing them in the pan to enhance the flavor when slicing into rounds and placing them in the tray before pouring the batter.

1. Preheat the oven for 30 minutes while mixing everything together.
2. Mix everything in a blender, don't blend too finely, the cake texture should be fluffy and light.
3. Arrange sliced oranges in a cake pan lined with parchment paper and greased with olive oil to prevent sticking.
4. Pour the prepared batter over the oranges.
5. Bake at 130°C for 40-45 minutes, checking the color and using a toothpick to check if the batter is cooked through.
6. Remove from the oven and let the cake cool for 10-15 minutes before removing it from the pan.
7. Flip the cake upside down and serve. Serve it at the center of the table with family and relatives. Wow!!! They will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

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