“Homemade Healthy Cherry Jam” #SugarFree

Last updated: 11 Mar 2024
“Homemade Healthy Cherry Jam” #SugarFree

"Healthy Cherry Jam Recipe" #SugarFree ️️
Each brand of jam sold in the market is excessively sweet. Craving for a less sugary treat #SugarFree and naturally sweetened option, with the most natural sweetness, not overly sweet and doesn't spike blood-sugar level. It also contains vitamin C, minerals, and various antioxidants. That is... Honey and Maple Syrup, the good stuff you should have at home.

Healthy Cherry Chia Jam Recipe
- Use fresh cherries without seeds, whole or halved, simmer on low heat.
- Add natural honey or Maple syrup, mix well.
- Mix in 2 tbsp of Chia Seeds until it thickens.
- Add juice of half a lemon.
What else to add? (optional)
- Add "Amaretto" Sweet Italian Liquor (made from almonds and fruits) for an extra shot , elevating the taste. Those who taste it will ask, #What brand of cherry jam is this? Answer them it's homemade by #ChefKeke
Chia seed
Lemon juice
Honey or Maple syrup (this recipe mixes both)
Amaretto (optional, but adds a subtle aroma and flavor)

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